Your Bottled Water & blues music

If you are looking for the best pure Spring bottle water, Were only having the water in Brainerd MN.

You call then we order , that way it is fresh from bottling takes 30 days , 15 case minimum, with shipping it runs bottle 24 per case. Delivery Xtra.

We're working on getting music so you can download from site , and working on getting drop shipping for water.

T- shirts all sold out

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Most music platforms,. Leonard I Lehman. Mr Blues man ... You can listen by streaming. For now.

Leonard I Lehman , Mr Blues man

I tell you this , because, My goal is to sell the water as a BLUES MAN , to be in music studios, recording studios, you are recording and you get thirsty, they hand you a bottle of Blues Man water . Getting these bottles in the hands of people of music.

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